Abandonment of Experience


We experience a lot.
It may be physical or spiritual.
However, no matter what kind of experience it is,
it is transitory and extinctive.

When the experience becomes merely pleasure or satisfaction, corruption begins.
Even if it is called spiritual experience,
it is the same as pursuit of pleasure if we cling to it.

Seeking experience is immature.
You seek experience in order to escape from vacancy in mind.
Experience can satisfy your mind and put vacancy out of the mind for a moment,
but experience inevitably ends and vanishes in the course of time.

The problem is not the experience itself,
but the motion of mind that obsesses with it and tries to repeat
pleasure or satisfaction given by the experience.

Where there is obsession over experience, you always have fear and conflict.
Anxiety that you can not repeat the delightful experience again,
despair and grief when you actually lose it.
All of those come from where you obsess over pleasure and self-satisfaction.

Don’t obsess over experiencing.
Rather, stop iterating and repeating every experience.
Only by completely abandoning the past old experience,
you can always have fresh sensitivity everyday.

The spirit which is not tainted by the past and repetitive experience —
It is pure and innocent, and has no chaos,
and such spirit has the true freedom.

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