Spirit of Non-Possession


Nothing is clearer than spirit of non-possession.
The possession here means the possessions humans have in mind.

Humans have possessions of mind which can support us.
They are some experience, pleasure or feelings of happiness.
We live depending on those possessions in mind,
therefore our mind is tied.

The spirit with some possessions is never free.
Because such possessions in mind form fear.
It is the fear of losing those possessions.

Can we see the truth that possessions of mind form fear
whatever it is?
If we see this truth,
we could understand what “freedom” is.

Freedom is life of non-possessions
and with the abandonment of every possession in mind.
Nothing is truly freer than this spirit without any possessions.
Because it doesn’t seek, have or lose anything and completely free.

In such a life of complete mind without any possessions,
there are not any chaos or anxieties.
The mind is clearly transparent without ambivalence or worries.

The mind without any possessions is the most beautiful for humans.
The life is like a wild flower which doesn’t obsess over itself.
Such spirit brings us true freedom.

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