Innocent Sensitivity


The more innocent the mind is,
the more easily you feel mystery of the world.

Having the innocent mind is
being able to see everything with a fresh eye.
It is seeing the world everyday as if you see it for the first time in your life.

To be innocent, it is necessary not to cling to the past memories.
Through the past filter,
you can’t see things with the fresh mind.

The more knowledge you have, the less fresh your mind would be,
so sensitivity of children who are not filled with knowledge yet is fresh.
Children don’t have any senses limited by knowledge or memory.
Therefore they have the mind which can feel the unknown beyond knowledge.

It is innocent in mind to see things as something totally new.
The innocent spirit can feel new mystery of life in everything
and be surprised and delighted in it.

Most of modern grown-ups have lost the innocent spirit.
Disinterest toward nature and mystery of life.
Mystery is happening in the world each moment,
but many people remain lacking in sensitivity to it.

The mind which can feel great mystery of the world.
Only innocent sensitivity discovers unmatched mystery and sacredness of life.

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