Infinite Mystery of the Universe


The universe is full of mystery.
The existence of the universe itself is great mystery.
Besides, there is numerous life in the universe
and its condition has limitless aspects.

If you don’t feel any mystery of life while living as a human,
how poor the life would be?
Feeling this infinite mystery of the eternal universe
deepens the life and makes it shine,
but so many people don’t have sensitivity toward mystery of the universe.

Do you feel this infinite mystery of the universe?
Or do you just live everyday matter-of-factly?

The existence of the universe itself is surprising mystery.
God not only created the universe, but also continues to maintain the presence of the universe at this moment.
The existence of the universe is the existence of God, and it is the bottomless mystery.

“Feeling mystery” is very important,
because it has pure and deep delight.
This delight is totally different from mere pleasure or amusement.

It is the delight felt by feeling the divinity
and the extremely sublime and noble matter of life.
Everyone has mere physical pleasure.
However, when it comes to the divine delight, it is extraordinary.

Have you ever opened your mind toward the mystery of the universe?
Have you ever listened to it quietly?
It exists not somewhere far but here at this right moment now.

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