Transcend Time


Spirit living at present doesn’t have the past or the future.
“Life” is neither the past nor the future, but the reality of each moment.
What is living and moving at present is “now”.
Spirit living at present is living “now” and not captured by the past or the future.

You of the past, and future as wishes of self-realization.
Both the past and the future are outside the “reality” and not alive.
Reality is alive and lies only in the reality.
Memories of the past and images of the future contain no reality.

Spirit bound by the past and the future always have fear, anxiety, conflict and sorrow.
The past you hold and the future you expect.
You are afraid of losing the past and the future.

Losing your past and future …
It is exactly losing “yourself”,
because they include all you have been and will be,
and losing them means becoming empty self with nothing anymore.

Losing all the past and hopes for the future would be
extremely spiritually hard for normal people.
It is like facing the end of your life while you are still alive.

However, to live firmly in the reality, you should transcend both the past and the future,
because living reality is “now” without the past or the future.
In the moment of “now”, life is moving from moment to moment,
and to feel the life and live with it as itself,
psychologically empty time without the past or the future is indispensable.

Only the spirit which has transcended time is truly free,
and the spirit of empty time can feel true reality.

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