Miracle of Existence


Are we aware of miracle of existence?
“Existence” is extremely noble and life itself.

The world exists.
Life exists.
Things exist.

“Existing” is a great miracle.
We feel it as a matter of course,
but it is a tremendous miracle.

“Existence” is life.
It is the universe and mystery of life.

Are we feeling “miracles of life”?
Or does everyday just pass?
Existence of the world is surprising.
However, most people don’t have any sense of wonder toward it.

Many people today have lost sensitivity toward miracles of life and the universe.
Miracles of the world and existence
lie in front of us everywhere.
Rather, the world has only miracles, and the miracles are “life”.

If you don’t feel any miracles in life,
the life would be too poor and tarnished.

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