Untied to Words


To see “existence itself”, we should see with the abandonment of words.
For example, when we see a rose,
seeing it through the word (name) of “rose”
and not through any words are totally different in their aspects.

Seeing things with an eye without any filters through neither word nor name
is just seeing “existence itself”.
“Existence itself” doesn’t have any name or word.

Life has no name.
It is eternal silence and nameless existence.
Seeing the world without words is seeing mystery of the world,
because mystery lies in “existence itself” and not in words.

Can you see the nameless world without words?
Can you see things in front of you as something totally new,
untied to words and names?
If you can purely and clearly see “existing things”,
you certainly could feel extraordinary mystery of the universe.

Always see things in front of you as “new existence”
not through any filter of words or the past images.
If they have no name, they are nameless mystical existence,
and we can incessantly see the enigmatic “existence”.

The existence is sacred and mystery of life.
We live surrounded by mystery of the nameless universe.

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