Being Alone


True religious quality is cultivated in solitude.
Deep silence of spirit lies in being alone.
In groups, deep silence doesn’t come.

Being alone is not being disturbed by anything
and being able to face life.
Only in the quiet solitude, you can sharpen your spirit
and feel and see the “life” more deeply.

This deep solitude has the new discovery of “life”.
In solitude, we find out and create life afresh.
The discovery is not taught by others.
Besides, it is not written in books.

It is discovered by “you” afresh and true creativity.
Creativity of life comes from spiritual solitude
and has infinite possibilities and expanses.

Spiritual solitude is the foundation of true religiousness.
With deep spiritual solitude, religiousness blooms.
Only such spirit finds out the great mystery of life and the divinity.

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