Spirit Tied to Pleasure


This modern world is full of amusements.
Television, radio, movie, music, game, event etc.
We live depending on many amusements.

These incessant amusements come
from vacancy and nihility of mind.
We can’t endure “nothingness”,
therefore we have made so many amusements and depend on them.

Dependence on amusements is just escape from nihility.
We can’t endure empty vacant life,
so we cling to experience which fills our mind.

Spirit becomes captivated by amusements and depends on them.
Amusements make us forget ourselves and temporarily cover our vacancy.
However, we must face with our vacancy in the course of time.
I can’t escape to amusements forever.

No matter how many times we repeat amusements, that wouldn’t make us mature.
Only immature humans spend time with amusements.
When life becomes just pleasure and amusement, the life decays.
Pleasure would never make human spirit truly grow.

Truth and true maturity as a human are away from amusements.
Repetition of amusement is mediocre.
To encounter true “life”, you must forgo the society.
Truth is never found in man-made things.

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