Equality of Life


Every natural life is equally valuable.
It doesn’t mean some are valuable and others are not.
All existence of life is equally noble and precious.

Not only human life is precious.
It is arrogant to think it’s wrong.
Every existence of life has level significance.

Creatures, nonliving objects and each existence of life in this universe
are totally equally sacred and miracles of life.

The equality of life is lost
when we humans judge the value as we please.
We accept a value of something and not others.
Such judgment is merely our selfish assumption.

No matter how small or big they are,
everything equally contains miracles of life.
Everything is supported by the wisdom of the universe to exist.
All existence of nature is miracle and preciousness of life.
It doesn’t matter how small or big they are.

God equally dwells even in a tiny grain of sand.
It is the wisdom of the universe and infinite energy of life,
and nothing can exist without it.

Life exists by the wisdom of the same universe.
In other words, it is the “equality of God”
and this equality is the truth of life.

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