Creation of Life


Life is something each of us discovers.
Each one of us is a creator of life
and there are as many originalities as the number of people.

In this world, various self-help or law-related books are sold.
Humans easily believe teachings and words of those books.
Besides, we put our life into molds according to others’ teachings.

What is popular and hailed in this world
lacks in originality.
Because many other people practice it
and that is just imitation.
In the “trend”, no creation is found.

Teachings and ideas in this world are not always right.
We must discover life by ourselves. It is creativity.
If we come into line with the world and fall into the same mold,
the life would be common and mediocre.

Truly religious life is just to stand mentally alone.
Instead of assimilating into the world and groups and believing easily others’ teachings,
see and discover “life” alone.
Only by doing so, “creativity of life” and “originality of life” lie.
That is exactly truly religious life.

Walk alone.
Find out the essence of life.
Religion begins from this singularity at first.

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