The Miracle of the World’s Existence


We normally live in this world in a casual way,
but isn’t it essentially a surprising miracle that “the world exists”?
However, the world’s existence is too matter-of-fact,
so most of us don’t feel anything.

The world exists.
Isn’t this awfully full of great surprises?
Besides, isn’t it full of great miracles?
Are we feeling these surprises and miracles?

The world is full of miracles.
It is the unbelievably miracle that the world exists.
This world has nothing matter-of-fact.
Everything is full of mysteries and miracles.

Why don’t we hold enigmatic feelings toward “the world”?
It is very mysterious and marvelous that “the world exists”.
It is essentially a surprising event and not matter-of-fact.
However, we may have lost mysterious feelings toward the world.

The mind which can feel the mystery of the world would be innocent and fresh.
If we have the fresh mind which witness this world for the first time in life,
we could feel the mystery of the world.

If we always have the totally new eyes and mind
without clinging to knowledge, science or ready-made ideas and rather with the abandonment of everything,
we could feel the great mystery of the world each moment.

Only the innocent and empty spirit not smeared by anything and the sensitivity
is the most precious treasure for humans.

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