Learning from “Death”


“Death” is the end of senses.
We live with senses.
Life is the content of senses itself,
and it forms each one of us.

It has all possessions of our mind.
Worldly success and ambition, prestige and status, obsession over money,
mental support, friends, family and lovers, ideal, pleasure or hobbies.
Moreover, desire for spiritual achievement, pursuit of spiritual senses.

All of them are “senses”.
We live by senses, depending on the content of senses.
The mind is resorted and supported by the content.
Losing it is losing the support in mind.
Then, we fall into the state of fear, anxiety, sorrow and despair.

So what can we learn from “death”?
“Death” is losing the entire content of senses.
We live clinging to things which will disappear sooner or later.

Content of senses will be gone in the course of time.
Even if we want to keep on possessing them, death will inevitably come to us.
Then, what a waste of life
obsessing over our senses while we live!
If we cling to things which will vanish someday and are always captured by fear,
we remain immature.

Obsessing over senses is meaningless.
Those senses will be gone sooner or later.
Our true freedom of mind is found where we abandoned every obsession.
The reality of “death” teaches us the truth.

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