Mind to Feel “Now”


“Life” is found neither in the past nor the future.
“Life” is alive “now”.
Life is exploding at the moment of “now”.

The past is memory, and the future is just image.
Image in the head and reality of “now” are different.
Life lies only at the moment of “now”.

It is this moment of “now” when wind blows over the ground,
clouds float and birds fly in the sky.
Neither the past nor the future contains “life”.
“Life” is living solely within “now”.

If man gets out of this moment of “now”,
he may not be in “life”.
He has merely the bygone dead past and delusion of the future.

Why do we ignore life of this moment of “now”
and obsess over images (unreality) of the past and the future?
“Reality” is only at this moment of “now”.
Reality of life and its fact are “now”.

Sensitivity and attentiveness to feel “now” is important,
because “life” is “now”.
The universe, God, miracles — all of them are at the moment of “now”.

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