God in Small Life


Life dwells in everything.
Not only humans and organisms are life.
Life dwells in all that exists in the world.

Even just a small stone is
a part of life of the universe.
No matter how tiny they are, they are equally the same sparkle of life.

Life dwells in each grain of sand.
Life dwells, so they “can exist”.

Flowers on the earth bloom naturally without doing anything.
Power of life and God makes them blossom,
which is unfathomable energy of mystery.

We see “nature” as a matter of course,
but nothing is more affluent of mystery than “nature”.
Nature and its every sum of things have life,
and they are working at this moment right now.

How big or small doesn’t matter for values of life.
Both vast ocean and a drop of rain
are equally miracles of life and greatness of God.

If we see wisdom of God in any tiny things,
we could feel true preciousness of life.

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