Silence and Mystery


Great mystery of life lies in silence.
The universe itself is silence which dwells in everything.

The unfathomable and unknown are found in silence.
Words and knowledge are fathomable and limited.
The fathomable is only knowledge,
and knowledge is known and not unknown.

The universe doesn’t have words. It is eternal silence.
From this silence, every motion of life evolves.
From silence of the universe, life and sound come.

Origin of the universe and life is empty silent expansion,
and it is invisible creation of life beyond any physical dimension.
Silence of the universe is mystery and can’t be captured by human brain.

In order to feel depth of silence,
the spirit full of words and knowledge should calm down.
Like the silent universe itself, by making spirit empty and silent,
we could be in the same dimension of the universal mystery.

In infinite silence and mystery of life,
there are joy and bliss which are totally different from pleasure and self-satisfaction.
True delight wells up from the unfathomable silent bottom of the universe.

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