Transcend Sorrow


Life has various sorrows.
We feel it when we lose something important
or when we lose our own future.

Misfortune and destiny are sometimes cruel,
and the agony and sorrow which suddenly struck us are hard.

However, we grow up through sorrow.
Experience of sorrow and agony develops our mind and wisdom,
and brings in new understanding and enlightenment of truth.

Sorrow is hard,
but if it is the sorrow we have once experienced and overcome,
we would never be caught by the same one again.
We develop from experience we have thoroughly suffered.

Where there is sorrow, the mind is not free.
To have the true free mind, we should transcend sorrow.
The very pursuit for “what is freedom?”
naturally puts an end to sorrow and strengthens the mind.

Transcending sorrow is understanding freedom of mind.
Freedom comes from understanding our own mind,
and this understanding provides us with human growth and wisdom.

It is not necessary to escape from sorrow.
Rather, experiencing sorrow matures us.
Those who know sorrow and agony hold great wisdom.

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