Sensitivity toward the Unknown


The world is full of the unknown.
It is the entity which has been called “God” since ancient times
and in the dimension unfathomable by human intellect or thought.

Are we feeling the unknown?
The unknown is the unfathomable mystery of the universe.
It is not somewhere far away, but here in front of us.
However, many people don’t have sensitivity toward the unknown mystery.

Humans can’t “know” God,
but “feel” it.
That is the sensitivity toward mystery and sense of mind.

No matter how much knowledge or word we cram into our head, we can never know mystery.
To be in the same dimension of mystery, we should exceed every sense.
That is to say, everything such as word, knowledge, idea, image, fixed concept and so on.

When every old sense gets empty, and both the mind and the brain become fresh,
sensitivity to feel the unknown mystery occurs.
It is only “feeling” and not “knowing” something,
because we can’t get to “know” the unknown.

Things we can never know forever —
They are mystery of life and the universe
and wisdom of great life beyond every human intellect.

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