Existence of the World


“Existence of the World” is an extraordinary miracle.
It is not matter-of-fact.
It is unthinkably full of miracles.

Why don’t we get surprised at “existence of the world”?
It is a miracle and mystery beyond imagination.
However, we are used to live in this world,
so we can’t feel “the world” with the fresh mind anymore.

We usually see the world like nothing out of the ordinary,
therefore it can be said that we have less sensitivity toward “the world”.

“Existence of the world” is great miracle.
It is exactly sacred and mystery of life.

Only when the mind is fresh, we can feel this miracle and mystery.
If the mind is innocent and fresh as if we saw the world for the first time,
we would be surprised at “the world”.

If we empty the mind full of knowledge and words
and have the innocent empty mind,
the world would disclose the great mystery to us.

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