Fear for God


We humans are afraid of the uncertain.
At the same time, we cling to what we know.
It is because what we know is everything for us.

Death is uncertain for us.
It is in the unknowable dimension.
God is the entity that controls both life and death.
To fear death is to fear God simultaneously.

We are afraid of the unknowable.
It is unknowable, so it is the vast expansion of the nihility.
We are afraid of this vast nihility and try to turn away from it.
Because this nihility is the enigmatic existence for us.

Fear for this enigmatic nihility is fear for God.
God is the unfathomable existence and tantamount to the vast nihility.
Pressure of this nihility is pressure of God simultaneously.

We are afraid of God, therefore we are afraid of the unknowable.
Besides, we try to cling only to what we know.
However, the unknowable pressure of the God is constantly with us.

To love God is to love the unknown.
Moreover, it is not to cling to “what we know”.
Don’t be afraid of the unknown and unknowable.
Rather, live in the unknowable dimension with the abandonment of our knowledge.

Then and only then, we could fear nothing
and live as the life of God itself with God.

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