What is the Significance of Life?


You try to have the significance of living.
You try to find out the significance of living and to hold it for support to live.

Some people can’t find out any significance in life, have empty mind
and get captured by great despair.
They don’t know why they exist or live,
and lead a life with vague anxiety and fear.

Why do you seek significance of living?
Why do you try to have it?
Besides, why are you afraid of losing it?

You don’t need to seek any significance of life,
because “living” itself is the significance of life.

You live and exist.
That is exactly the significance of “living” and “life”.
Wild flowers come into the world just to live.
Just blooming and existing is the mission of life of flowers.
Flowers tell you the beauty and then wither naturally.
That is the figure and preciousness of life.

“Living” is great miracle and solemnity of life.
You are the same as flowers.
Flowers are life and humans are equal life as well.

“Living” and “existing” are
really precious and sacred.
You don’t need to seek significance and value of living,
because living itself has infinite significance and value.

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