Doubting Mind


You should have the doubting mind.
Because this modern world is full of falsity.
If you accept the status of the world,
you can’t find out what the truth really is.

Why don’t you doubt
the modern society and the status of the world today?
The way of living in the society is
fixed in one culture or frame.
You yourself may actually be so.

However, is life like this?
Is the status of this modern society “life” for humans?
Or does “life” something with totally different meanings?

What is life at all?
What is “living”?
Are the modern states of humans and societies truly life?
Or is life something different with really deep significances?

To discover the truth, you should doubt.
Don’t accept everything easily.
Creativity and discovery of life begin with the doubting mind.

Strong skeptical spirit would expose falsity or illusion of modern society
and give you entirely new understanding and creativity of life.

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