Look at thought


Noise in human mind is noise in thought.
Where there is noise in thought, there is noise in mind.

Human thought is incessantly moving around.
We are also moving around by the thought.

Thought is repetitive motion.
It is merely repeating the same things in the head
and mechanical and monotonous activity.

Thought is constantly old.
Because thought is just memory.
Where you repeat pleasure, you certainly repeat thought.
Thought is repeating memorized pleasure.

Repetition of pleasure brings out only decadence and corruption.
In other words, thought brings them out.
The mind which intends to repeat pleasure appears as repetition of thought.

Mechanical life or life with only repetition of pleasure and amusement
is always mediocre forever.
To break down such a life, you should end the repetition of thought.
Without thought, there is no repetition.

To see this truth, it is necessary to observe motion of your thought
and to see the essence and structure of your thought.
Understanding human thought is understanding motion of thought.
By seeing thought deeply, the nature of human mind shows up.

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