Hear the Voice of the Universe


The universe is “living at present”.
It never stands still even for a second.
It continues to create at this each moment.

The living universe is the voice of life.
It is unfathomable beauty and affluence of life,
and we live surrounded by the “miracles”.

Do we listen to the voice of the universe?
It is found “here now”,
and mystery and miracle of life are progressing from moment to moment.

Many people don’t realize this astounding miracle of the universe
because of the lack of the mind to realize and its richness.
Our life is almost mechanical like a robot,
and by that, the mind is rigid and enslaved by inertia and custom.

If the spirit takes on inertia and custom,
we would lose sensitivity to feel miracles of the universe and life,
and the life would become totally shallow and mediocre.
However, many people lead such a life.

Great mystery and miracles of the universe beyond imagination
lie constantly in front of us.
They “exist” in everything at this very moment.
Whether you can feel it or not depends on your mind.

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