Feel the Order of Life


The universe moves in accordance with certain order.
This order has been since the primordial universe,
by which everything exists and moves.
Humans are a part of this order.

It is the order that the sun rises and sinks.
It is the order that four seasons circle.
The existence of this world itself is the sacred order of the universe.
Being born by the order and moving by it—
That is this world, the universe.

Are we feeling this order of the universe?
And do we live along with this order?
Or have we forgotten this essential order and made chaotic societies?

Unless we live along with the essential order of life,
our world would be more chaotic.
The order of life is the providence of nature and that of God,
where truth of the universe lies.

The order of life is the sacred motion of the universe,
and it is important for humans to live with it,
because it forms true order of humans and societies.

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