Transcend Void in Mind


Human mind has a void.
It is like the blank feeling of emptiness and bottomless darkness,
and may be agony and fear for us.

However, we can’t escape from this void forever.
Escaping from void is just temporary escape,
and not any radical solution.

Escaping from void is merely postponing problems,
because the void appears again sooner or later.
To overcome the void, instead of running away from it,
we should stay in it.

Stay in the void and live with it.
By doing so, human mind gets used to it in the course of time.
Besides, we realize that the void itself is true peace of mind.

True freedom of mind is to have the quiet mind.
Quietness of mind is with void.
It is quiet and doesn’t have any chaos in mind because of the void.

These quietness and silence of mind lead to true religious life.
True creativity and religiousness lie within the infinite void.

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