What is the innocent spirit?
That is the mind which is constantly fresh and never loses curiosity.
It isn’t trapped by any human desire or wish, remains pure
and free without sorrow or fear —

Isn’t it innocence?
Many adults seem to have lost this innocent spirit.
They live always with fear and scare.
Living is fighting and full of anxiety and frustrations.

If we are afraid or sad, we would not be innocent.
If we are ambitious or greedy, we would not be innocent.
If we are merely fixed in culture, tradition and custom, we would not be innocent.
The spirit filled only with knowledge would never be innocent.

Innocence is completely open
and bare and can always feel everything fresh.
We should just live at this moment, “now”
instead of being neither tainted by knowledge nor tied to the past.

The spirit purely living “now” has no anxiety or fear,
because it doesn’t seek, desire or lose anything.
The empty spirit is innocent.

It is empty, therefore it is full of freshness and surprises
and contains infinite possibilities in life.
Where there is no innocence, real religiousness is not found.
Only the innocent spirit can encounter the sacred.

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