New Way of Living


In the modern societies, many people have the way of living fixed in custom and cultures.
They live as if there were only such a way of living,
and it has imitation and conformity, but no creativity or uniqueness.

Why don’t we create our “own way of living”?
Why do we live like others do?
“Life” is full of infinite possibilities.
Besides, it has infinite new ways of living we can find out.

Finding a new way of living is the new creation of life.
Discover new life where only you can lead.
It contains true creativity.

There are infinite ways of living for humans.
Our senses are also infinite.
However, if we are trapped by certain custom, tradition, culture, teaching and so on,
their infinite possibilities would be lost and the life would be fixed.
Such life is both mediocre and petty.

A remarkable person is someone who discovers and creates the new way of living.
It is someone who can make new senses, transform senses
and change the state of humans itself fundamentally.
That is a remarkable and truly creative person.

Such discovery, creation and transformation bring forth totally different humans.
Our new creativity greatly affects the whole universe.

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