Clear Mind


True beauty of humans is the selfless mind without any ego.
And the selfless mind is completely clear.

The clear mind is purity and beauty of humans.
It doesn’t have any desire or self-assertiveness,
but instead, it can just see and hear straightforwardly.
It doesn’t judge or evaluate anything.

To see existence as it is without any distortion or bias,
the mind should not be occupied by anything and be empty.
It is empty, so it is clear.
The clear mind sees God, the sacred and preciousness of life in the existence
by seeing straightforwardly the existence as it is.

The clear mind has no word, knowledge or images,
therefore it is completely silent and empty,
and its emptiness forms purity and beauty of humans.

Such a person encounters mystery and sacredness of existence in “life”
and proceed to the depth of the unfathomable universe and life.

Nothing is full of freedom and creativity
than the selfless, completely clear mind.
It is the blooming of true religious spirit.

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