The End of Pursuit


We seek many things and try to know them.
It is the same with the spiritual and religious world,
and many people may pursue truth of life and the universe.

Why do we pursue?
What do we pursue at all?
Is truth something to pursue?

Only immature spirit becomes enslaved by pursuit.
Pursuit is a desire, and we pursue due to the desire.
If we have no desire, we wouldn’t pursue,
because then we would have nothing to seek.

Truth lies here at present.
To be alive. To have life.
They themselves are truth and miracles of life.

When we are tied to desires and enslaved by pursuit, we deflect from truth,
because truth is found where the pursuit is over.
It lies “here at present”,
and if it is here at present, any pursuit is not necessary.

Truth is the life itself existing at present.

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