Spirit to Feel Reality


What is the sprit to feel reality?
Reality is never imaginary.
Therefore, products of imagination and imagining deny reality.
If the spirit is enslaved by delusion, it has no reality.

Sprit forms images inside us.
However, images remain unrealistic forever.
“Reality” is not to be imagined in the head.

It is important that the spirit realizes its reverie,
and that it holds no unrealistic images anymore.
As long as it has unreality, no reality is found.

Spirit to feel reality is
flatly denying its reverie and delusion — that is to say falsity —,
and constantly facing the “reality” itself every second.
Only such spirit can live in the reality.

Life keeps on moving from moment to moment.
It is happening “now”.
What is happening “now” is not image in the head.
Reality lies only in the motion of life called “now”.

Without reality, the life is full of falsity and reveries.
This is actually very fearful,
because unless it has reality, no truth is found.
Then, there would be the sleeping and dreaming spirit.

“Awakening” and “reality” are the same one.

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