Intercourse with Mystery


We try to think everything according to knowledge.
Of course, knowledge is important to live,
but we should transcend it to intercourse with mystery.

Mystery is unknown.
It is not something to be captivated by the brain.
The brain is motion within the known,
so it can never transcend its own limit forever.

The unknown is infinite.
It is unfathomable, therefore it permanently remains infinite.

To intercourse with mystery, we should empty the brain
and put the spirit itself in the dimension of infinity.
If the spirit gets out of the field of the known and enters into the infinite emptiness of the unknown,
it becomes possible to intercourse with great mystery.

In the dimension of mystery, there is nothing to “know”.
After we have known something, it is not mystery anymore
Mystery remains unknown forever.
Therefore, we never get to “know” it.

Realize that “nothing is knowable”. —
This realization carries the spirit to the totally new dimension.
The dimension is that of the eternally infinite universe.

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