Walk Alone


In the world of religion and spirituality,
many people only rely on others’ teachings and books.
Besides, they easily believe the teachings and words,
but it wouldn’t make them truly spiritually grown.

True religious act and spiritual activity are
pursuing, learning and understanding alone.
Your teacher is yourself, not somebody else.
Walking alone makes us truly spiritually grown.

Truth of life is not taught by others.
It is learned through our own experience and insight.

The path of religion and spirituality sometimes involves agony and ambivalence.
However, the agony and ambivalence make human spirit grown,
and by conquering them, we can find out genuine truth by ourselves.

Foundation of our growth is spiritual solitude.
Each of us should face “life” and “the universe” alone.
It is “yourself” that makes you grown
and that brings truth to you.

Walking alone is the true religious attitude.
It is a problem to be too much tied to external approach or others’ teachings,
because life is to be discovered by each of us.
We discover it alone, therefore there is great creation.

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