Unchanging Truth


No matter which era we live in,
we remain the same “humans”.
Besides, the human “truth” remains the same as well.
Truth has no gap of time.

Era, culture, tradition, progress —
there are really various things made by humans,
but the universe itself has moved under the same one providence since early times.
The truth of the universe is eternally unchanging.

Mind to see unchanging truth which never changes forever,
instead of being deceived by external matters,
is truly religious.
True religiousness is beyond any era or culture,
and can just purely face “life” without being trapped by anything.

To encounter unchanging truth beyond time,
the human spirit itself should depart from everything
and become the one beyond time.
Everything includes knowledge, image, tradition, idea, culture and teaching,
moreover, psychological time, future, past, memory and so on.

If the spirit lies in the same dimension as the providence of the universe,
then, it may transcend time and space,
and melt in the primordial wisdom of the universe.

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