The Words of J. Krishnamurti, a Revolutionist of Life — Part 36


“Solemnity in self-renunciation is beauty.
Without self-renunciation, beauty has no truth.”

Spirit clinging to the self is extremely immature and petty.
It has no beauty or virtue.
Nothing is uglier than life full of self-obsession and ego.

True beauty in humans is
to renounce the self completely.
It is living with the complete abandonment of ego.
It is the way of living to make ourselves “empty”.

No matter how beautiful we look externally,
if we are swamped with desires and ego internally,
we would be very ugly.
True human beauty is found in self-renunciation.

Flowers have no ego.
They bloom without saying anything, so it is beautiful.
If they had started to complain or backbite,
we wouldn’t feel they are “beautiful” anymore.

The same can be said for humans.
Where we have life of self-renunciation and the self is empty, we are truly beautiful.
It is beauty, solemnity and purity of life itself
and the totally selfless way of living like flowers.

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