Sleep and Purification


Sleep works to purify the brain and the mind.
While we sleep, we don’t sense anything.
If we don’t dream, our senses remain blank.

Sleep purifies the past memories which the mind has accumulated
and freshens up the mind and the brain.
Humans tend to be constantly captured by the past memories, knowledge and ideas,
but sleep serves to clear them away.

Daily sleep is motion to purify the past in mind.
It is motion to revive not only physically but also mentally.

It is very important to refresh the mind and to purify the past,
because as long as the mind is tied to the past, we are not free in mind.
We live obsessing over the past and depending on it.
Inner chaos occurs always when we cling to something.

Being free in mind is living without being trapped by the past.
The function of sleep is constantly purifying ourselves out of the past.
The fresher the mind and the brain are without clinging to the past,
the more we discover the new and richen the life each moment.

Freedom of mind and creativity of life.
They don’t come unless the mind and the brain are fresh.
Sleep is motion to put the mind and the brain in order,
and brings us a lot of suggestion and understanding.

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