Transcend Agony


To agonize is mentally hard for us,
but then again nothing makes us mentally grow than it.

It gives us understanding.
We grow mentally through agonizing experiences.

Most of our mental agony
is brought by our ego.
Our ego, that is to say our self-obsession causes problems and conflicts,
where agony comes from.

However, experiencing the agony
makes us understand our ego, desires and immaturity,
and renounce our self-obsession gradually.
Purifying our ego cultivates freedom of human spirit,
wisdom, virtue and purity as a human.

The more we suffer, the more we grow.
The more we are devastated by our weakness, the stronger we become.
Everyone fails, agonizes and suffers at first,
and then matures truly as a human through the bitter experiences.

We can’t grow without agony.
We can’t grow in easy life only with escape.
Nothing makes us truly grow than agony.

People with agonizing experiences would learn more about spiritual richness.
Agony is our mentor and the power which leads us to the light.

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