Regard God


What does regarding God mean?
It is to regard ‘life’ and ‘being’.

Then, what is ‘life’? What is ‘being’?
They are every existence in this world.
Life is everything in the world and the world itself.
The world is life, and life is the world.

Regarding God is regarding life and the world.
God is not somewhere far away,
but it is everywhere around us.
Because God is life, and life is everything in the world.

Everything is being.
Without being, the world can’t exist.
Being is the figure, power and wisdom of God.

To Regard God is regarding living being as the world.
It is to regard living being which is incessantly moving.
It is ‘living’, so it is God and life.
Therefore, it is the genuine reality.

God is ‘living’.
And the world continues to live from moment to moment.
It is the breathing of God.

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