Sense in the Different Dimension


There is a sense which is totally different from senses we usually have.
It is not a usual sense felt in this world,
but it is a sense and a perception in the entirely different dimension.

It is a sense coming suddenly and wind from the different dimension.
Krishnamurti called this “another thing”.
Such a sense is, as it were, sacred,
and it is in the same dimension as the source of life and mystery of the universe.

Sense in this different dimension comes from the truly religious spirit.
It happens not from the spirit buried in groups and masses,
but from the solitary, religious, quiet and silent one.

Away from noisy places and in the space full of tranquility,
we can interact with mystery of the universe.
It can be said to be truly religious meditation.
Being solitude deepens meditation.

The sense in the different dimension is not invited by us,
but it comes spontaneously by itself.
The richer the religious spirit becomes and the more deeply we meditate,
the more frequent this sense would come to us.

This sense lies in the dimension entirely different from creation of the sacred universe.

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