Preciousness of Sensitivity


Spirit which can sharply and deeply feel ‘life’ is extraordinary.
Feeling ‘life’ is feeling reality itself.
Besides, feeling reality requires sensitivity toward life.

Most of us are uninterested in the world and mystery of life
or lacking in sensitivity toward it.
Deep and great sensitivity makes
life deeper and greater than it is,
but we are mostly lacking in it, so we lead a mediocre life.

Be sensitive toward ‘life’.
Feel ‘life’ constantly with the new mind.
Look at ‘life’ with more surprise.

It is the spirit with exploding sensitivity
that encounters the mystery of life, miracle of the universe and divinity.
This explosion of sensitivity makes us feel ‘life’.

If we are trapped by custom, culture, tradition or knowledge,
the fresh sensitivity would be buried.
Break away from everything and empty the spirit.
The emptiness with nothing forms the infinite expansion of sensitivity.

If the spirit is infinitely blank,
human sensitivity expands infinitely.

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