Sympathy for Nature


It is important to sympathize with nature while we live,
because nature is life itself.
Taking no interest in nature is taking no interest in life.

Modern times are full of artificial things.
Every amusement has something unhealthy.
The more artificial things we have,
the further our mind goes away from “nature” and we lose our fresh sensibility.

Nature is life and the universe itself.
Unless we can connect with nature,
our mind would lose the connection with life itself.
Nature is ourselves, and we are nature itself.

How many people have lost sympathy for nature?
Modern society is so much buried in artificial things.
True beauty and richness are not found in artificial things.
Only nature contains true richness of life, infinite richness.

Truth of life is with “nature”,
because it is bare life and the universe.
Without sympathy for nature, it would be impossible to encounter truth of life.

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