The World is Living


‘The world’ is living.
It is never stationary.
It is always moving and living.

The world is living.
Life is moving from moment to moment.
The moving ‘life’ is the reality.
It is “living at present”.

Birds fly in the sky, rivers flow, everything is life.
The sun shines and stars twinkle, these are also the motion of life.
They are ‘living’ and life itself.

Are we feeling the reality of ‘life’?
Are we feeling ‘being’ which is living at present?
The incessant acts of life are happening each moment,
and that is the reality (real existence) of life.

Reality is not imaginary.
It is ‘life’ itself in front of us.

The world and life are one.
The world is living.
The world is life, and life is the world itself.

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