Mind to See God


What is the mind to see God?
God is the unknown and infinite existence.
It can neither be known nor memorized.
If it can, it wouldn’t be God.

Activities of God are new each moment.
They are new, so they remain unknown forever.
If we get to know something, it is already old.
It is unknowable, therefore it is new.

Mind to see God is always empty and fresh.
Mind not to be tied to the past knowledge and memories.
Rather, mind to have emptied any past knowledge —
Mind full of such freshness encounters the unknown of God.

To be unknown is “unknowable”.
Mystique of God can’t be “known”.
The knowable is only words or scientific knowledge.
We can’t meet God by words or science,
because words and science are the known.

To encounter the unknown, the known should end.
Then, for the first time when we have the completely empty and fresh mind,
it is impossible to meet the unknown mystery.

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