Unknowable God


We can not ‘know’ God.
Besides, we must not know it,
because it is beyond every intellect.

God is the existence which can never be known.
It is something unknowable, therefore it’s God and mystery.
If we have known something about it,
it is neither God nor mystery anymore.

We should know that we can not know anything about God.
It is to consider God as the unknown existence.
In other words, consider it as the unrecognizable existence beyond every intellect.

Anything knowable is not God.
Anything recognizable is not God.
God exists beyond our intellect or recognition.

Indeed, God is completely unknowable
and can never be captured by the human brain.

Something eternally and absolutely unknowable —
That is God, and it is the unknowable life itself.
‘Life’ remains unknown forever.

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