Fear for Nothingness


We are afraid of empty nothingness.

We are afraid of losing pleasures and mental supports which fill our mind.

Our mind always tries to escape from ‘empty nothingness’,

so we commit ourselves to temporary pleasure or enjoyment.


This is the same with the world of religion and spirituality.

You believe a religion which satisfies you and some fascinating spiritual teachings,

and presume that you could accomplish spiritual self-achievement some day.


The mind to pursue God and mystery is also a human desire.

You try to fill your mind with the idea of God.

It is certain that you can temporarily cover your ‘nothingness’ in you by doing so,

but no matter what idea it is, nothing lasts forever.


Every experience, pleasure or satisfaction, everything is temporary.

You may have an idea of God and get a sense of satisfaction from that.

However, they are sure to vanish,

and ‘nothingness’ is left after they are gone.


You can’t bear this nothingness,

so you try to cling to things which can satisfy your mind.

The mind constantly clings to something and moves with fear and anxiety.

It is because you are afraid of the empty self and the self of only nothingness.

Where there is fear, there is no freedom.


The true freedom is that the mind isn’t trapped by anything.

Even if you commit yourself to any temporary things, it just goes round and round after all.

Then, you would understand that being empty nothingness is the only freedom of mind.

This nothingness is exactly the immovable spirit and free mind, and it has the deep tranquility.

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