What is Mediocrity?


What is mediocrity for humans?
The spirit to follow others, believe others’ words easily,
and conform to them is mediocre.
The spirit to believe a certain religion and mindlessly obey its leader is also mediocre.

Whether it is worldly, religious or whatever it is,
if you pursue self-achievement or self-satisfaction, it would be mediocre,
because it is ego.

If a person work everyday and has nothing to do other than that, it is mediocre,
because he has lost the infinite possibilities and creativities of life which he essentially should have.
The way of living to repeat pleasures and amusements is mediocre. It is the prodigal way of living.
Those who commit themselves to pleasure are equally mediocre.
They escape from facing the essence of ‘life’.

The spirit buried in social groupism is mediocre,
because the extraordinary spirit is independent without depending on anything.
The spirit which is afraid of solitude, lost in the world, trend and culture,
and buried in groups is mediocre.
They don’t have their ‘own way of living’ and just imitate others.

Only the spirit which can walk alone has extraordinary creativity.
Mediocre people only assimilate into the world and live like people around them.
They belong deeply to custom, culture and trend, and try not to get away from there.
They are not aware of their slumber in their own spirit,
and live without seeing any truth or light of life. It is the mediocrity.

Being mediocre is miserable and fearful.
Whether you lead a mediocre life, or get out of it
and lead a life full of true spirituality and creativity,
it all depends on you.

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