nexperienced Mystery


Mystery is unfathomable and unknowable.

Therefore, it can’t be objects to satisfy the mind,

because what satisfies the mind is knowledge and experience,

but the unknown mystery can be neither experienced nor known.


Things which can be experienced are within the known.

We can only experience what we know.

It may be the idea about God or recognition about mystery,

but both idea and recognition are known and not unknown.

No matter what idea or recognition it is, they are not God or mystery.


We can satisfy our mind with what we know.

However, we can’t do that with what we don’t know.

Human mind gets satisfied by knowing something.

God and mystery are unknowable, and it is impossible to satisfy the mind with them.


God and mystery can’t be objects to satisfy the mind.

It can not be known or not satisfy anything,

so it remains the unknown mystery forever and is constantly felt new.


Mystery is always new and the new creation,

and not things to be experienced or to be known.

Mysterious experiences are unable to be experienced, and they are inexperienced.

They are unsatisfying inexperienced experiences.


Inexperienced experiences remain unknown forever, and everlastingly continue to perceive the new.

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