Explosion of Creativeness


Creativeness is the revolution of life and incessant blooming of the new.

If you are immersed in the past knowledge, tradition and custom, there is no creativity.


Creativity is the discovery of life and obtaining new senses.

To have new discoveries and senses,

pursuit from zero is the basis for discovering the new.


Tradition, common sense and custom are the repetition of the same things,

and they have no new discovery.

They are repetitive movements of mind in a mold,

and such a mechanical life is already dead.


Living spirit always has the exploding creativeness.

It has the incessant pursuit, discovery, understanding and learning,

therefore it doesn’t know any corruption and remains vivid.


Where there are the conformity to tradition or custom and the imitation, there is the corruption.

Life without new discoveries is stagnant.

Stagnant life brings out tediousness, corruption and mediocrity,

and a mechanical life which only repeats the same things everyday.


To live truly, your creativeness must explode.

The creativeness can only be obtained from being free from every tradition, custom and knowledge,

and from pursuing all alone.

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