Obsession over Life


Most of us obsess over our lives.
It is natural for humans to think “I don’t want to die”.
However, this very obsession over life brings plenty of misery and fear.

The root of fear is found in movements in mind toward losing your own life.
Obsession over your existence and life forms your sorrow and fear.
As long as you obsess over life, your sorrow and fear would never go.

Complete freedom means non-obsession over life.
It is the complete self-renunciation.

Don’t obsess over your own existence or ‘self’.
It is to live with the abandonment of self,
and remain yourself empty while living.
“Don’t obsess over life” means so.

Where you don’t obsess over life and abandon yourself, there is the freedom of spirit.
Where there is self-obsession, there is a jail of fear and sorrow.

Self is your own ‘experience’,
and you are afraid of ‘being unable to experience’,
because death is the complete end of ‘experiencing’.

Freedom is not to obsess over experience,
and it is not to obsess over self at the same time.
The spirit detached from ‘self = experiencing’ is free.

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