Interest in the Universe


Are we interested in the mystery of the universe?

The universe is life and the sum of things.


Most people are indifferent to the mystery of the universe.

They spend their lives only on work everyday,

and don’t pay attention to the extreme beauty of the great nature.


Why are our hearts away from beauty of the universe and beauty of the nature?

We live with the mystery of the universe each moment,

but our heats don’t feel the mystery any more.

The hearts are devastated and only getting petty and sly,

and losing the curiosity toward the universe and the innocence to feel beauty of the nature.


The world is full of miracles, or rather it has only miracles,

but we hardly feel the miracle everyday.

Why are we so much lacking in sensibility?


The open mind toward the mystery of the universe and the mind which can feel it —

The innocent mind not tainted by knowledge or words —

Only such innocent mind can feel the great mystery of the universe.


Innocent mind is not trapped by desires or self-obsession,

and it is empty beyond knowledge, idea or memory at the same time.

It is innocent and doesn’t know anything like a child,

and it is quiet and full of silence like a flower.


The modern society destroys such beautiful spirituality,

and is taking away the true richness which humans essentially have.

To bloom the true humanity,

you must be free from molds of every social tradition, culture and moral.

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